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Math in the Middle Institute Partnership

Empowering Middle-Level Mathematics Teachers

MAT Exam Expository Papers

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Arts in Teaching
with a Specialization in the Teaching of Middle Level Mathematics
in the Department of Mathematics University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view all documents on this page.

Teachers who complete the Math in the Middle program earn one of two master's degrees:

  1. a Master of Arts degree from the Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education
  2. the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree from the Department of Mathematics with a Specialization in the Teaching of Middle Level Mathematics

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the MAT degree, teacher participants write an expository paper on a mathematical topic not generally found in the 5-8 curriculum. What follows is work completed by teachers (generally of grades 5-8) who have completed the M2 program.

Author Title Documents (PDF)
Val Adams De Bruijn Cycles Document
Stacey Aldag A Monte Carlo Simulation of the Birthday Problem Document
Julane Amen, Shauna Green, Anne Schmidt Farey Sequences, Ford Circles and Pick's Theorem Document
Teena Andersen The Four Color Theorem Document
Anna Anderson Archimedean Solids Document
Delise Andrews Conic Sections Document
Pamela Arvie Finding the Day of the Week for a Given Date - Gregorian and Islamic Calendars Document
Vicki J. Barry Inequalities Document
Darla Berks Symmetry of Scale Document
Jay Beyer A Factorization Game: Sum-Difference Numbers Document
Kathy Bohac Using Regular Polygons to Approximate Circles Document
Mike Bomar Pennies and Blood Document
Myrna Bornemeier Just What Do You "Mean"? Document
Tricia Buchanan Testing Naval Artillery and Other Things That Blow Up Document
Amy Bystrom The Pigeonhole Principle Document
Virginia Clark The Vigenére Cipher Document
JaLena J. Clement The Binomial Theorem Document
Connie Colton Salmon Population, Salmon Harvesting, and Chaos Document
Dean Davis The Game of Nim Document
Sandy Dean The Game of Bridg-It Document
Pat Derr The Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion Document
Jonelle Dickmeyer Harmonic Series Document
Jill Edgren Generalizing the Pythagorean Theorem Document
Gary Eisenhauer Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier Document
Monte Else Function Composition and Linear Fractional Transformations Document
Jodie Emerson, Tanya Archie Study and Problem Analysis of ACT Document
Bryan Engelker Area and Perimeter of Polygons Document
Alisa Favinger The Polar Coordinate System Document
Diana French Perfect Numbers Document
Jessica Fricke Extending a Finite Sequence Document
Jeremy J. Fries The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra Document
Stephanie Fuehrer Palindromes Document
Katie Glacey Perfect Shuffles: A Shortest Sequence to Move a Card Document
Doug Glasshoff Taylor Polynomials Document
Amy S. Gordon Prosthaphaeresis Document
Marlene Grayer Sudoku: A Plan for a Successful End Document
Kyla Hall The Polygon Game Document
Thomas J. Harrington Evaluating Polynomials Document
Patty Hastings The Perfect Shuffle Document
Kacy Heiser Mathematics and Evolution Document
Cole Hilker Coin Flipping Races Document
Kimberly Hirschfeld-Cotton Wythoff's Game Document
Julie Hoaglund Lester's Circle Document
Scott Johnsen Sicherman Dice Document
Kristin Johnson Heron, Brahmagupta, Pythagoras, and the Law of Cosines Document
Brian Johnson The Monty Hall Problem Document
Emy Jones The Kaprekar Routine Document
Mary Beth Kilnoski The Mathematics of the Five Card Trick Document
Kesha King Continued Fractions and the Man Who Knew Infinity Document
Brian Kohlhaas A Mathematics-Music Connection Document
Jessica Korth Spirals and Quilt Design Document
Julie Kreizel Comparing Infinite Sets Document
Philip LaFleur Napoleon's Theorem Document
Kelly LaFleur Russell's Paradox Document
Sarah Larson Self-Referencing: What is the Name of this Paper? Document
Chad Larson Ethnomathematics Document
Emily Lashley Mathematical Billiard Theory Document
Susan Leavitt The Simple Complexity of Pascal's Triangle Document
Dianne M. Lee What's So Amazing About Primes? Document
Stacie Lefler Fractals and the Chaos Game Document
Tiffany Lothrop The Square Root of i Document
Jocelyn Masasi Vieta's Formulas Document
Micki McConnell Arbelos of Archimedes Document
Carmen Melliger How to Graphically Interpret the Complex Roots of a Quadratic Equation Document
Paula (Jakopovic) Millerd Finding the Day of the Week for a Given Date - Gregorian Calendars Document
Linda Moore Spherical Geometry Document
Shawn Mousel The Exponential Function Document
Ryon Nilson Solving Equations Document
Joseph Nuss Isbell's "Jack and the Giant" Document
Loretta Ohnemus Parametric Equations Document
Marci Ostmeyer Powers Document
Katie Pease Simple Linear Programming Model Document
Jim Pfeiffer Triangulation Document
Maggie Pickering Representing Fractions Using Different Bases Document
Kyle Poore Taxicab Geometry Document
Jennie Premer Stable Marriage Problem Document
Jeremy Renfro Logarithms and Fast Calculations Document
Edie Ronhovde Hats, Hats and More Hats Document
Lindsay Sample The Locker Problem Revisited Document
Daniel Schaben Experimentation with Two Formulas by Ramanujan Document
Mary Schneider The Hog Dice Game Document
Valerie Schovanec Complex Numbers and Imaginary Fractals: Julia Sets Document
Amy L. Schutz Hyperbolic Functions Document
Bryce Schwanke Decimals Document
Shelly Sehnert Triangulation Document
Josh Severin The Number Zero Document
Christina Sheets Hyperbolic Geometry Document
Marcia J. Smith Derivatives and Differential Equations Document
Sandi Snyder Fractals and the Collage Theorem Document
Amy Solomon Checkers? Document
Vicki Sorensen The Art Gallery Question Document
Cindy Steinkruger The Volume of a Platonic Solid Document
Shana Streeks Simple Statements, Large Numbers Document
Diane Swartzlander Pythagorean Triples Document
Tina Thompson The Four Numbers Game Document
Jessica Thompson The Incommensurability of the Real Numbers Document
Lindsey Thompson Perimeter and Area of Inscribed and Circumscribed Polygons Document
Matthew Timm Golomb Rulers Document
Janet Timoney Distance, Rate, Time and Beyond Document
Greg Vanderbeek Order of Operations and RPN Expository Paper Document
Lisa M. Vavra Cramer's Rule Document
Aubrey Weitzenkamp Interesting Fallacious Mathematical Arguments Document
Lynn West An Introduction to Various Multiplication Strategies Document
Lexi Wichelt Amicable Pairs Document
Leah Wilcox The Geometry of Circles Document
Brandee Wilson The Taxman Game Document
Keri Witherell Amazing Applications of Determinants Document