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Math in the Middle Institute Partnership

Empowering Middle-Level Mathematics Teachers

What Math in the Middle Means to Participants

If you love teaching mathematics, do whatever you can to become a part of this program. I have never worked so hard, been treated so well, learned so much and been around so many awesome educators. A person is only as good as the people he or she is surrounded by. With this program, you are truly surrounded by the best educators in the state of Nebraska.

~ A math teacher in ESU 8

Tough, but very rewarding for me and my students.

~ A math teacher in ESU 6

• Math in the Middle is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, programs I have ever gone through. The work is intense and sometimes stressful, but very applicable to my classroom teaching. I know that I have become a stronger teacher since I started Math in the Middle and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to become a better teacher! One piece of advice: Rely on those around you. Everyone will make it through if you all work together.

~ An LPS middle school math teacher

• Math in the Middle has given me an opportunity to tune into how I teach mathematics; I have a better vision of the “why” and a huge appreciation for the power behind the deep thinking we need to invoke in our students. Math in the Middle is a mixture of mathematics and learning communities where everyone takes something back to share in their own classroom.

~ A math teacher in ESU 8

• If you think this course is just for math majors, think again. With my 25-year-old Elementary Ed. BA, I thought this might be a little tough. I have been challenged, frustrated, thrilled, frightened and refreshed. My education has been thoroughly overhauled. Math in the Middle has been, by far, the foremost opportunity for furthering my teaching skills. The M2 staff has constantly treated us teachers with utmost respect. This is a class with CLASS!

~ An LPS middle school math teacher

• Math in the Middle is about learning mathematical concepts in new ways. Coming together and learning problem-solving skills with state-wide math colleagues is invaluable. The state of Nebraska just got smaller.

~ District Math Coordinator from ESU 10

• Math in the Middle is your chance to experience a program that turns into a family. You will work hard together, and you will laugh together, but best of all you will become excellent teachers together. The experiences in this course are unmatched, and the teachers are ALWAYS there for you. It will be a challenge, but a challenge worth taking.

~ A middle school math teacher in ESU 6

• This has been one of the greatest opportunities that I’ve had in developing into the educator I want to become. Math in the Middle is a top-notch program that focuses on teacher understanding and development. I’ve never felt so important as a teacher as I do in this program.

~ An LPS fifth-grade teacher

• I found Math in the Middle to be a great opportunity for a teacher in out-state Nebraska to gain some challenging content that is relevant to all mathematics classrooms. It has been a very rewarding experience for me and has benefited all of my classes.

~ A math teacher from ESU 17

• I’ve never worked so hard in my life. It has paid off. I have grown more in the last year in my understanding of the teaching and learning of mathematics that in all of my first 12 years of teaching.

~ An LPS middle school math teacher

Math in the Middle
Is not much of a riddle
It will be quite enriching
And a bit bewitching
Many new friends you will make
With this task you undertake
You will question your ability
Maybe lose some mental stability
But only for a little while
Then you will laugh and smile
For the journey you will undertake
Is not for everyone to make
If you choose this, you will excel
From the opening to the ending bell
So give it a shot, it is a great party
And at the end you’ll be a real math smarty!

~ An LPS middle school math teacher