2015 STEM Education Research Retreat
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During the Fall 2017 semester, the STEM Education Seminar will meet live and in person on Thursdays at 2 p.m. in Bessey Hall, room 109, on the City Campus. However, upon request, these presentations will also be simultaneously virtually available (i.e., via internet connection) and hosted on the East Campus. If you are interested in attending a virtual session, then you must contact Jenny Dauer at least a day in advance. Both sites will have one or members of the DBER Group organizational team who will facilitate the discussion at each site and communication between attendees at both sites.


Seminars promote discussions about STEM research

The seminars are intended to promote discussion of STEM education research and foster discussion about the findings, their applications to the practice of teaching, their implications for education administration and policy, and more. How exactly the meetings are spent is defined by the interests of the active members of the seminar. For instance, some volunteer to discuss the findings of completed research, talk about research actively in progress, outline new research directions, test-run or run a workshop related to their education research interests, discuss education issues relevant to campus, invite off-campus speakers, etc. Seminar speakers are encouraged to to allow ample time for discussion of ideas (e.g. ~30-40 min talk, followed by ~10-20 min of discussion).


The DBER Journal Club is geared specifically toward the discipline-based education researchers at UNL. This club is intended to serve as a learning community for this group of researchers. The Club brings together DBER researchers every other week to discuss research papers, research data, or practice research talks. It is composed of faculty, postdoctoral research assistants, and graduate students.

STEM Education Research Retreat

STEM Education Research Retreat

The STEM Education Research retreat, which takes place every year during fall break, is intended for all faculty, staff, postdoctoral research assistants, and students (graduate and undergraduate) who are conducting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education (STEM) Research on the UNL campus. The goals of the retreat are to provide an avenue for the STEM Education Research community to learn about one another’s projects and opportunities to develop research collaborations between STEM Education Research faculty and their students.

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