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Fall 2018
Thu. Aug. 30 Journal Club: Anatomy of STEM Teaching in North American Universities Marilyne Stains
Thu. Sep. 06 Setting Our Priorities for Science Teacher Certification: Focusing on Evidence for Effective Science Teaching Elizabeth Lewis
Thu. Sep. 13 Journal Club Brian Waters
Thu. Sep. 20 Scaffolding expert-like problem-solving and reasoning in physics and physical science Chris Moore
Thu. Sep. 27 Journal Club: When group work doesn’t work: Insights from students Brian Couch
Thu. Oct. 04 CANCELED: Pre-college Influences on Undergraduate Biology Education CANCELED - Anna Hiatt
Thu. Oct. 11 Journal Club: Effect of Teaching Metacognitive Learning Strategies on Performance in General Chemistry Courses Kati Brazeal
Thu. Oct. 18 Initial efforts to develop and refine an argumentation task in organic chemistry Alena Moon
Thu. Oct. 25 Visioning Priorities for the Center for Transformative Teaching Amy Goodburn
Thu. Nov. 01 3-Dimensional models reduce biochemistry learning gaps Michelle Howell
Thu. Nov. 08 Journal Club: Development of a coding rubric to characterize teaching beliefs of novice chemistry faculty at research-intensive institutions Maia Popova
Thu. Nov. 15 Exploring Faculty Experiences with COPUS: Strategies for Improving Student Learning Tareq Daher
Thu. Nov. 29 SEMINAL: Preliminary Findings from Departmental Transformations Wendy Smith
Thu. Dec. 06 Journal Club: Students Who Fail to Achieve Predefined Research Goals May Still Experience Many Positive Outcomes as a Result of CURE Participation Lisa Corwin
Spring 2018
Thu. Jan. 25 Experiences as an NSF Rotator Kevin Lee
Thu. Feb. 01 Investigating agreement between students, instructors, and observers regarding frequencies of Scientific Teaching practices using the Measurement Instrument for Scientific Teaching for Observers (MISTO) Mary Durham
Thu. Feb. 08 Working with honors students Gwen Bachman
Thu. Feb. 15 Enacting High Cognitive Demand Examples: Exploring What Teachers Might Need to Know and Do Erica Miller
Thu. Feb. 22 CIRTL Network Neal Bryan
Thu. Mar. 01 DBER Town Hall Wendy Smith (Moderator)
Thu. Mar. 08 No Seminar
Thu. Mar. 15 Engaging Undergraduates in Citizen Science with Pollinators to Enhance Conservation Knowledge, Biological Systems Thinking, and Community Engagement Doug Golick
Thu. Mar. 29 Blended Learning at a Distance Alisa Gilmore
Thu. Apr. 05 Computational modeling, simulations, and technology as a learning tool in life sciences education Tomas Helikar
Thu. Apr. 12 Interrupting the Forgetting Curve: Strategies for Sustaining Student Learning and Performance Across a Curriculum Clark Coffman
Thu. Apr. 19 End of Semester Social
Fall 2017
Thu. Aug. 24 First week of classes - No meeting this week
Thu. Aug. 31 Examining the effectiveness of collaborative assessment development in higher education Tony Albano2
Thu. Sep. 07 Using technology with instructional methods Sydney Brown 2
Thu. Sep. 14 Investigating differences in wiki-based collaborative activities between student engagement profiles in computer science education Leen-Kiat Soh2
Thu. Sep. 21 Measuring the cognitive demands of problems in undergraduate electrical engineering courses Presentacion Rivera2
Thu. Sep. 28 Student engagement in mathematics through an institutional network for active learning Wendy Smith2
Thu. Oct. 05 Automatic evaluation of unstructured text in essay-style questions using IBM's Watson API Lee D. Miller and Leen-Kiat Soh2
Thu. Oct. 12 Emerging technologies and non-traditional teaching methods Ashu Guru
Thu. Oct. 19 “Small Teaching” strategies for big impacts to learning outcomes, not your prep and grading time John Sangster
Thu. Oct. 26 Investigating how instructors can implement formative assessments to ensure student buy-in and utilization that supports learning Kati Brazeal
Thu. Nov. 02 Spatial development Alexandra Twyman
Thu. Nov. 09 Beginning science teachers' subject matter knowledge, misconceptions, and emerging inquiry-based teaching practices Elizabeth Lewis
Thu. Nov. 16 Design pedagogy and creativity Joshua Lowe
Thu. Nov. 23 Thanksgiving Holiday - No meeting this week
Thu. Nov. 30 End-of-Year Social DBER Group
Thu. Dec. 07 Last week of classes – No meeting this week
Fall 2016
Thu. Sep. 01 Spatial skills training and introductory computing Stephen Cooper
Thu. Sep. 08 Model building versus model investigation Joe Dauer1
Thu. Sep. 15 Problem solving in engineering Presentacion Rivera and Lance Perez1
Thu. Oct. 06 Teaching and research in SCIL 101: Science and decision-making for a complex world Jenny Dauer
Thu. Oct. 13 Clicker use in introductory biology: Impacts on exam performance Joanna K. Hubbard
Thu. Oct. 20 Benefits of using R for DBER Jordan Harshman
Thu. Oct. 27 Collegiate Active Learning Calculus Survey (CALCS): Adapting an instrument and using results Wendy Smith
Thu. Nov. 03 Exploring elementary teachers' model-based science instruction about water: A three year longitudinal multi-case study Tina Vo2
Thu. Nov. 10 Making classroom connections between farmers and students Randa Jabbour2
Thu. Nov. 17 Citizen science & science literacy Douglas Golick and Jenny Dauer1
Fri. Sep. 29 Improving science student retention: A survey tool to measure first-year students' likelihood to remain at UNL Mark E. Burbach
Fall 2015
Thu. Sep. 03 Integrating Computational Creativity Exercises into Classes Leen-Kiat Soh and Duane Shell
Thu. Sep. 10 Instrument for Observing Lab TAs Approach to Teaching Jon Velasco and Marilyne Stains1
Thu. Sep. 17 NebraskaMATH: Sharing Findings from a Statewide Partnership Wendy Smith
Thu. Sep. 24 Contextualized STEM Education and Training through Advanced Visualization Arefeh Mohammadi1
Thu. Oct. 01 International Students in Their Own Country: Motivation of Vietnamese Graduate Students to Attend Vietnamese-German University Christina Yao
Thu. Oct. 08 Student Perceptions of Formative Assessments Kati Brazeal and Brian Couch1
Thu. Oct. 15 Research-driven Facilitation of Systems Thinking with Computational Models in Life Sciences Education Heather Bergan-Roller and Nicholas Galt
Thu. Oct. 22 Research-driven Facilitation of Systems Thinking with Computational Models in Life Sciences Education Heather Bergan-Roller and Nicholas Galt
Thu. Oct. 29 Understanding Student Motivation and Strategic Engagement in Computer Science and STEM Courses Duane Shell and Leen-Kiat Soh
Thu. Nov. 05 Testing Assumptions of Interactive and Active Learning: An Evaluation of Tools for Online Information Literacy Instruction Erica DeFrain1
Thu. Nov. 12 Grounded Theory's Contested Family of Methods: Historical and Contemporary Applications Wayne Babchuck
Thu. Dec. 03 Biology Education Research Tessa Andrews1
Spring 2015
Thu. Jan. 29 Vehicles on the Road to Reform Julie Thomas
Thu. Feb. 05 Engaging Teenagers in Science with Comics Judy Diamond
Thu. Feb. 12 Climate change skeptics teach climate literacy? A content analysis of children’s books Julie Thomas
Thu. Feb. 19 Library Services for the DBER Group Lorna Dawes
Thu. Feb. 26 Is It Still Science If You Don't Call It Science? Trisha Hill and Julia McQuillan
Thu. Mar. 05 Introduction to Educational Measurement Anthony Albano
Thu. Mar. 12 Conceptual Assessment in Molecular Biology Brian Couch
Thu. Mar. 19 The Effectiveness of E-Coaching in Rural Science Classroms Gwen Nugent
Thu. Apr. 02 The Best of Both Worlds: Building on the COPUS and RTOP Observation Protocols to Easily and Reliably Measure Various Levels of Reformed Teaching Practice Marilyne Stains1
Thu. Apr. 09 Transforming Precalculs Instruction: Evidence-Based Course Design Wendy Smith
Thu. Apr. 16 The Effects of an Early Intervention Mastery Activity in the Mathematics Department Nathan Wakefield
Fall 2012
Thu. Aug. 30 Perceptions & Behavior on Chemistry Tutoring Jonathan Velasco1
Thu. Sep. 06 Climate Change Education: What Works and Why? Frank Rack
Thu. Sep. 13 Beginning Secondary Science Teachers PCK Krista Adams
Thu. Sep. 20 Young Children's Understanding of Conservation Concepts Julia Torquati
Thu. Sep. 27 Summer Institute on Scientific Teaching Steve Harris, Anisa Angeletti, and John Osterman
Thu. Oct. 04 The National Academy of Sciences Workshop on Assessments in Science Courses: A Community Report Leilani Arthurs
Thu. Oct. 11 Chemistry Faculty Use of Clickers Deblina Pakhira and Marilyne Stains1
Thu. Oct. 25 Statistics Education Research Jenny Green
Thu. Nov. 01 Insects as Teaching Tools Douglas Golick
Thu. Nov. 08 Nanoscience Outreach Stephen Ducharme
Thu. Nov. 15 The History and Impact of a College-Level Field-Based Course on Learner and Community Development David Harwood & Leilani Arthurs
Thu. Nov. 29 Discipline-Based Education Research: Understanding & Improving Learning in Undergraduate Science & Engineering Stacey Lowrey Bretz