DBER | 2018 Fall Speaker Schedule

STEM Education Seminar and Journal Club

In response to input from the DBER community, the STEM Education Seminar and DBER Journal Club will merge for the Fall 2018 semester. The seminar series and journal club will occur on alternating weeks starting Thursday, Aug. 30.

Time: Thursdays from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Place: Bessey Hall, room 109, on the City Campus

The STEM Education Seminar will also be hosted virtually through Zoom for those who cannot attend in-person. Click to attend virtually: https://unl.zoom.us/j/212107342.

This site is updated regularly with materials presenters are willing to share and are available through the Digital Commons.

1 Speakers who did not grant permission to post materials are indicated with the superscript '1' at the end of their names.

2 Speakers whose materials are in queue for upload to Digital Commons are indicated with the superscript '2' at the end of their names.

Fall 2018Last updated on 22 August 2018
Date Day & Time City Campus Location
Virtual Link Topic / Title of Talk (may be tentative) Speakers
Thu. Aug. 30 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 Journal Club: Anatomy of STEM Teaching in North American Universities Marilyne Stains
Thu. Sep. 06 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 Setting Our Priorities for Science Teacher Certification: Focusing on Evidence for Effective Science Teaching Elizabeth Lewis
Thu. Sep. 13 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 Journal Club Brian Waters
Thu. Sep. 20 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 Scaffolding expert-like problem-solving and reasoning in physics and physical science Chris Moore
Thu. Sep. 27 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 Journal Club: When group work doesn’t work: Insights from students Brian Couch
Thu. Oct. 04 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 CANCELED: Pre-college Influences on Undergraduate Biology Education CANCELED - Anna Hiatt
Thu. Oct. 11 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 Journal Club: Effect of Teaching Metacognitive Learning Strategies on Performance in General Chemistry Courses Kati Brazeal
Thu. Oct. 18 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 Initial efforts to develop and refine an argumentation task in organic chemistry Alena Moon
Thu. Oct. 25 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 Visioning Priorities for the Center for Transformative Teaching Amy Goodburn
Thu. Nov. 01 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 3-Dimensional models reduce biochemistry learning gaps Michelle Howell
Thu. Nov. 08 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 Journal Club: Development of a coding rubric to characterize teaching beliefs of novice chemistry faculty at research-intensive institutions Maia Popova
Thu. Nov. 15 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 Exploring Faculty Experiences with COPUS: Strategies for Improving Student Learning Tareq Daher
Thu. Nov. 29 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 SEMINAL: Preliminary Findings from Departmental Transformations Wendy Smith
Thu. Dec. 06 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 Journal Club: Students Who Fail to Achieve Predefined Research Goals May Still Experience Many Positive Outcomes as a Result of CURE Participation Lisa Corwin