DBER | 2018 Spring Speaker Schedule

STEM Education Seminar

During the Spring 2018 semester, the DBER Group's STEM Education Seminar will be offered on City Campus and provided virtually on ZOOM.

  • The in-person presentations will be hosted on Thursdays at 2 p.m. in Bessey Hall, room 109, on the City Campus.
  • If you cannot attend in-person, you may attend virtually through ZOOM conferencing by clicking on the following link: https://unl.zoom.us/j/212107342.

Current organizers: Mindi Searls, Brian Waters, and Bill Glider.

If you are interested in presenting or have suggestions for future presenters or topics please contact Mindi Searls (msearls2@unl.edu).

This site is updated regularly with materials presenters are willing to share and are available through the Digital Commons.

1 Speakers who did not grant permission to post materials are indicated with the superscript '1' at the end of their names.

2 Speakers whose materials are in queue for upload to Digital Commons are indicated with the superscript '2' at the end of their names.

Spring 2018Last updated on 9 January 2018
Date Day & Time City Campus Location
Virtual Link Topic / Title of Talk (may be tentative) Speakers
Thu. Jan. 25 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 Experiences as an NSF Rotator Kevin Lee
Thu. Feb. 01 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 Investigating agreement between students, instructors, and observers regarding frequencies of Scientific Teaching practices using the Measurement Instrument for Scientific Teaching for Observers (MISTO) Mary Durham
Thu. Feb. 08 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 Working with honors students Gwen Bachman
Thu. Feb. 15 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 Enacting High Cognitive Demand Examples: Exploring What Teachers Might Need to Know and Do Erica Miller
Thu. Feb. 22 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 CIRTL Network Neal Bryan
Thu. Mar. 01 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 DBER Town Hall Wendy Smith (Moderator)
Thu. Mar. 08 No Seminar
Thu. Mar. 15 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 Engaging Undergraduates in Citizen Science with Pollinators to Enhance Conservation Knowledge, Biological Systems Thinking, and Community Engagement Doug Golick
Thu. Mar. 29 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 Blended Learning at a Distance Alisa Gilmore
Thu. Apr. 05 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 Computational modeling, simulations, and technology as a learning tool in life sciences education Tomas Helikar
Thu. Apr. 12 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 Interrupting the Forgetting Curve: Strategies for Sustaining Student Learning and Performance Across a Curriculum Clark Coffman
Thu. Apr. 19 Th @ 2:00 Bessey 109 End of Semester Social