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What is the JUMP Program?

Welcome to the homepage of JUMP, the JUnior Mathematics Prognosis Program. Administered by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Mathematics Department, the JUMP Program endeavors to help high school students develop mathematical skills necessary for the successful pursuit of educational and career goals.

The JUMP Test

The program conducts the JUMP test, a 45-minute mathematics exam for Nebraska high school students. JUMP offers the test in two versions: TEST A, covering first year algebra and geometry, and TEST B, covering second year algebra, trigonometry, and pre-calculus. Each student who completes the test receives a computer generated letter which reports the student's test score and advises the student toward removing any indicated mathematical deficiencies. Studies demonstrate that students who participate in the JUMP Test are less likely to require remedial mathematics courses as college freshmen, saving the student time and tuition.

Mathematics instructors may administer the JUMP Test at any time of the year. Registration forms for Nebraska teachers are available at this website. Once completed by the students, the tests will be scored at UNL and returned to the mathematics teacher within a week. JUMP Test scores are strictly confidential, only known to the student and instructor. Under no circumstances will a school's results be released to any other party. At the conclusion of the school year, all participating institutions receive statewide statistics regarding performance on the exam. Such figures are also available at this website.

JUMP Publications

In the Summer of 2005, JUMP published the forth edition of Mathematical Requirements Associated with Academic Programs at Nebraska Post-Secondary Institutions. This book details the mathematics requirements for degree programs at 33 Nebraska universities, colleges, and technical schools. JUMP mailed two copies of the publication to every high school in the state.

JUMP Scholarships

Teachers directing the JUMP Program at Nebraska high schools, referred to as JUMP Coordinators, receive support to attend the Nebraska Association of Teachers of Mathematics conferences. JUMP Coordinators are also elgible for scholarships to attend the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference. Click here to see a list of previous scholarship winners.

Contacting the JUMP Program

251 Avery Hall
Lincoln, NE 68588-0132
phone: (402) 472-8965
fax: (402) 472-9311
email: jump@math.unl.edu