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NMSSI Courses for Mathematics Teachers

MATH 807T - Using Math to Understand Our World

Audience: K123456789101112
Credit Hours: 3
Location: Online
Dates: May 14-July 6
This course will examine the mathematics underlying several socially-relevant questions from a variety of academic disciplines. Mathematical models of problems will be constructed and studied using a variety of topics and basic skills in algebra, functions, statistics and probability. Sources will include original documentation whenever possible (such as government data, reports and research papers) in order to provide a sense of the very real role that mathematics plays in society.

Math 807T is not open to teachers who have completed Math 809.

TEAC 880E - Teaching Mathematics with Technology

Audience: K123456789101112
Credit Hours: 3
Location: Online
Dates: May 21-July 2
The focus of this workshop is on developing skills for using GeoGebra in the teaching and learning of middle and high school mathematics. Topics found in PreAlgebra, Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus courses will be emphasized. Geometry properties and theorems, functions, transformations, conics, data analysis and other mathematics topics will be addressed. Participants will develop interactive mathematics applets, map downloaded files to their curriculum, and develop an implementation plan of action. The online section of this course does not qualify for the 20% tuition discount.
NMSSI Courses for Science Teachers

GEOS 898 - Methods in Geoscience Field Instruction

Audience: K123456789101112
Credit Hours: 3
Location: Fieldwork
Dates: June 7 (on campus), June 8 (depart at 8am), June 22 (return by 5pm)
A 16-day, inquiry-based geology field course in which participants will enhance their inquiry skills and experience learning (and camping) in the great outdoors across Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming. The primary aim of this course is to improve educators' ability to teach inquiry, gain knowledge and understanding of geoscience, and to demonstrate effective teaching methods for 6-12 learning environments. Participants will discover, observe and study a variety of natural phenomena, focusing on Earth processes and geological history. Enrollment is limited to 9.