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Two Cohorts Exclusively for OPS

Math in the Middle is a 36-hour, 25-month graduate program for middle level (grades 4-8) teachers leading to a master's degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Thanks to the generous support of The Sherwood Foundation® and the Lozier Foundation, we have been able to offer 54 OPS teachers the opportunity to participate in this outstanding program at no cost to the teacher for tuition or fees.

TLA Math in the Middle Cohort 2

Earn a Master's Degree Tuition-Free

Math in the Middle is ideal for grade 4-8 math teachers who enjoy teaching mathematics and seek to develop special strengths with respect to mathematical and pedagogical knowledge needed to transfer their knowledge and skills into enhanced learning in their classrooms. To date, 156 Nebraska teachers, including 32 OPS teachers have earned their master’s degree through the Math in the Middle program, with 28 OPS teachers participating in the first OPS TLA cohort. In a recent report, our program evaluator, RMC Research reported that "virtually all Math in the Middle graduates are involved in prominent leadership positions at the school and district levels." The NebraskaMATH OPS TLA program has the potential to triple the number of OPS teachers who work together to significantly strengthen the teaching and learning of mathematics in OPS middle level classrooms.

Math in the Middle teachers should apply for their degree between their first and second summer of courses, before earning 18 credit hours. Download a copy of the application steps.

Benefits and Commitments

Teachers will earn a master's degree (the Master of Arts for Teachers) at no cost for tuition and fees from the UNL Department of Mathematics through the 12-course Math in the Middle curriculum. Courses will be held in Omaha.

As a limited resource, teachers selected for Math in the Middle must have the support of their principal to participate in the program and must commit to remaining in the OPS district for at least three years after completing the program. In addition, participants are expected to share what they learn with their peers, annually complete three questionnaires used by RMC Research Corporation as part of their evaluation of Math in the Middle, and provide data requested by the UNL research team studying the impact of the Math in the Middle program.

Schedule of Courses

The typical Math in the Middle cohort follows this schedule:

Course Number Course Title Semester
Math 800T Math as a Second Language Summer 1 (1 week, full days)
Math 802T Functions, Algebra and Geometry Summer 1 (2 weeks, half days)
TEAC 801 Curriculum Inquiry Summer 1 (2 weeks, half days)
TEAC 800 Inquiry into Teaching and Learning Fall 1 (Saturdays and online)
Math 804T Experimentation, Conjecture and Reasoning Spring 1 (Saturdays and online)
Math 805T Discrete Math for Middle Level Teachers Summer 2 (1 week, full days)
Math 806T Number Theory and Cryptology for Middle Level Teachers Summer 2 (1 week, full days)
Stat 811T Statistics for Middle Level Teachers Summer 2 (1 week, full days)
TEAC 888 Teacher as Scholarly Practitioner (Saturdays and online)
Math 807T Using Math to Understand our World (Saturdays and online)
Math 808T Concepts of Calculus for Teachers Summer 2 (1 week, full days)
Math 896/TEAC 889 Capstone Course Summer 2 (1 week includes final masters presentations)

Math in the Middle Institute Course Descriptions

Information about each of the 12 Math in the Middle courses can be found here. For more information, contact us at nebraskamath@unl.edu.