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Web-Based Assessment



Instructors may link to these calculators from their Maple T.A. assignments.

Both Macs and PCs have calulator programs, and the Burnett Testing Center's keyboards have a button for calling up the Windows calculator program. There may never be any need to use the calculator links on this page, but they are included because some instructors have used them in the past.

Click the links below to try out the calculators. To use a calculator in a Maple T.A. assignment, follow these instructions:
  • Click the textbox below the desired calculator and press Ctrl-C to copy the code for displaying that calculator
  • In Maple T.A., edit the desired assignment
  • Under the 1. Choose Name tab, click the Advanced button
  • In the text editor for Text to show at the head of each page, click the Source button
  • Click Ctrl-V to paste the copied HTML
  • WARNING: Click the Source button again to exit source mode – if you don't do this before clicking another tab, the text editor may become irrevocably hidden
Other warnings:
  • WARNING #1: Don't try to make the below code any fancier through the use of Javascript – doing so would require the use of single quotes, and using single quotes will also cause the text editor to become irrevocably hidden
  • WARNING #2: Be careful linking to other files/applications from proctored assignments – the Testing Center restricts access to all but a few servers (access to the server where the calculators reside is permitted)

Simple Calculator

Scientific Calculator