Center for Science, Mathematics and Computer Education (CSMCE)
COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

CSMCE COVID-19 Site-Supervisor

Jim Lewis, Director, CSMCE
Office: Avery 302
Phone: 402-770-3728

Office hours and staff availability

Avery 251 will be open:

  • 10 a.m. to Noon Monday – Friday
  • 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday – Thursday

CSMCE staff are also available to meet by Zoom or in person throughout the day. To schedule a meeting, contact the person you want to meet with directly, or contact the CSMCE by email at or phone 402-472-8979.

Materials and book request form

Any UNL faculty or staff who need supplies from the Center (either in 251 Avery, a CSMCE storage area or in 501 room 2), such as rulers, compasses, straws, markers, post-it pads or textbooks, please use the Materials Request Form to make the request and it will be prepared for you and a pickup time scheduled. Thank you.


Avery 251 and Avery 248

Avery 251 is the main office of the CSMCE and Avery 248 is the CSMCE’s conference room. Questions related to the CSMCE Mitigation Plan should be directed to the CSMCE Director or to Ms. Lindsay Augustyn, CSMCE Assistant Director. This Plan builds on all policies and procedures that apply to the UNL City Campus.

501 Building – Room 2

The CSMCE web developer is housed in Room 2 of the 501 Building. One-on-one tutorial help with Mobius Assessment or Canvas will be suspended in-person and assistance will be provided remotely using Zoom, email or other approaches.

Cleaning and disinfecting

  • All staff, student workers, and visitors to Avery 251 or 248 are expected to use hand sanitizer each time they enter the CSMCE office space. A sanitizing table has been placed immediately inside the front doors on the left hand side of the doors.
  • Tables, desks, and similar areas will remain as clutter-free as possible to facilitate regular cleaning and disinfection.
  • Shared keyboards, mice, copier controls, etc. will be covered with plastic to facilitate cleaning and disinfection between users.
  • The CSMCE microwave is no longer available for use.
  • Shared desks, tables, and the copy machine will be disinfected at the start and end of each day and between users.
  • The office will maintain a supply of hand sanitizer, cleaning and disinfection supplies, masks and gloves. Prior to the use of a product to clean or disinfect, the products will be reviewed to ensure that they are safe and appropriate for use.

Physical distancing

  • The main CSMCE office space (Avery 251) had been reconfigured to ensure a safe workspace by maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet between occupants and to allow only infrequent passing within 6 feet of two individuals. The maximum occupancy of Avery 251 (not counting the offices of 251A, 251B and 251C, where staff may be working with their doors closed) is three employees. To the degree possible, work schedules will be organized with the goal of having no more than two people working in the space at one time for most of the day.
  • Plexiglas sneeze guards or similar barriers have been installed at the main reception counter, our point-of-service location.
  • Signage is being used to remind staff of the separation needed to maintain 6 feet of social distancing when a worker is using the CSMCE copy machine or getting supplies from the storeroom. In addition, signage will be used to separate visitors. No more than two visitors will be permitted in Avery 251 at one time. Excess chairs are being removed from Avery 251 and 248 to avoid unintended use of space that does not maintain 6 foot separation.
  • Three of the staff housed in Avery 251 have private offices and when in their office, they are encouraged to work with their doors closed. The total density in the office complex should be no more than four and for the majority of the day it should be three or less.
  • Most meetings will take place via Zoom and non-critical meetings will be postponed. UNL faculty, staff and students who need to visit the CSMCE Office are encouraged to schedule their visit in advance. To avoid the need for one-on-one meetings inside Avery 251, the seminar room, Avery 248 will be used as a location for one-on-one meetings.
  • Space for delivery of packages, supplies, etc. has been established just inside the front door next to the sanitizing station.
  • A log will be kept for all visitors to the worksite (maintain for 4 weeks), beginning August 17.