Master of Arts for Teachers

Master of Arts for Teachers (MAT) Degree

Jared Vitosh

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Mathematics offers an online master’s degree for math teachers of grades 7-12. The MAT degree requires 36 graduate credits and the coursework must constitute a coherent program of study that has been approved by the Graduate Chair. You must earn credit for at least six courses (18 hours) in Mathematics and/or Statistics. Transfer of some graduate credit from another institution is usually possible if the coursework is supportive of your degree objectives. Once admitted to the MAT program, you will be assigned a graduate advisor who will assist you in meeting the MAT degree requirements.

In addition, the program has an option for middle level or elementary mathematics teachers who want to have special strengths in mathematics. These teachers pursue the MAT degree with a Specialization in the Teaching of Middle Level Mathematics. Many teachers who pursue the MAT degree also choose to earn a minor in Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education.

More information about the MAT program is on the Math Department's website, including the scheduled rotation of online courses.

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Application Steps

  1. There is one new application system for graduate study at Nebraska. Go to Graduate Studies to access the new application system, CollegeNet.
  2. Create your account and fill out each step. Under Program Selection, search for "math" and choose "Mathematics (MAT)". If you are a middle-level math teacher, choose "Mathematics (MAT) - Teaching of Middle Level Mathematics" as an added specialization.
  3. The application will ask you to order official transcripts from your bachelor's degree, as well as any graduate coursework. Note: If your undergraduate degree is from UNL, it is not necessary to request a UNL transcript.
  4. You will need to upload a:
    • statement of purpose,
    • resume,
    • and three letters of recommendation.

If you have questions about the application process for the MAT, please contact Marilyn Johnson. Please note that applications that are in progress will not be seen by Marilyn or the MAT advisors until fully submitted.


The MAT degree does not have set deadlines throughout the year. You can apply and be admitted at any time; however we recommend that you apply at least three months before the term that you want to be admitted for. Here are our recommended deadlines: March 1 for Summer Term, May 1 for Fall Term and October 1 for Spring Term.

In my search for a graduate school, the Master of Arts for Teachers through the Department of Mathematics at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln stood above the rest. I thought I was going to have to choose between mathematics or teaching, but this program makes it possible to study both, at a high-caliber university. Sarah MurmannMAT student

Proposed Courses for MAT Degree

At least seven courses (21 hours) of the 12 total courses (36 hours) should be MATH courses that would count toward your major in mathematics. The other courses can be TEAC courses from teaching, learning and teacher education. You can choose to take all 12 courses in math. If you want to minor in education, you will be required to take TEAC 800, TEAC 801, and 1-2 other TEAC courses. Course Descriptions of the Mathematics Courses Designed for High School Mathematics Teachers

Mathematics Course Options
(Choose at least 7 of these)
Other Optional Courses (Choose 4 if minoring in TLTE)
MATH 804T Experimentation, Conjecture and Reasoning TEAC 880E Teaching with Technology
MATH 805T Discrete Mathematics TEAC 892 Integrating Math Learning and Teaching
MATH 806T Number Theory and Cryptology TEAC 892 Integrating Geometry Learning and Teaching
MATH 807T Using Math to Understand our World I TEAC 892 Reasoning and Sense Making
MATH 808T Concepts of Calculus TEAC 892 Statistics Learning and Teaching
MATH 809 Mathematical Modeling
MATH 810T Algebra for Algebra Teachers
MATH 811T Functions for High School Teachers
MATH 812T Geometry for Geometry Teachers
MATH 896 Complex Analysis
STAT 811T Statistics for Middle-Level Teachers
STAT 812T Statistics for High School Teachers