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Danielle Buhrman works on hyperbolic geometry

Danielle Buhrman

New Teacher Network, NebraskaMATH

Secondary Mathematics Teacher
Grand Island Public Schools

After participating in the Nebraska Algebra and New Teacher Network, Danielle was a Master Teacher for Nebraska Algebra Cohort 2 and then went on to earn her Master of Arts for Teachers degree in May 2011 so she could become a Noyce Master Teaching Fellow.

Pre-AP Calculus and Geometry

Years Teaching

How did you manage to juggle all of those courses and tasks in the summer?
"Organization. All of my notes have tabs on them so I can find information easily when I need it. My laptop and calendar are attached to me wherever I go. I have a very understanding husband who takes care of everything at home since I have been gone all summer. It helps that we don't have kids yet as well. So, the biggest piece of advice I can give: If you plan on having an 'ambition' summer like this, do it before children are in the picture."

Why did you join NebraskaMATH and how has your experience been?
"I joined NebraskaMATH because I wanted the opportunity to network with other secondary math teachers who have great ideas. I teach in a large school district but we don't get a lot of professional development time to see what everyone else is doing in their own classrooms. NebraskaMATH allowed me to take math education courses specific to what I do on a regular basis. These courses allow me to get curriculum, technology, and presentation ideas from teachers and professors who teach the same subjects as I do. There are very few opportunities to do this outside of this program."

Do you remember your favorite teacher?
"My favorite teacher was, of course, my high school math teacher. She was the strictest teacher I had, but I had her all four years of high school math. She knew me, she knew what I was good at and how I learned, and she rocked at explaining concepts to all levels of learners."

What is your favorite thing about teaching?
"Making relationships with students. Kids are so much fun to talk to. If you don't enjoy working with kids you are in the wrong profession."

What's your favorite TV show?
"Probably shouldn't fess up to this: True Blood on HBO. My husband and I are addicted."

What is your favorite thing about Nebraska?
"Nebraska football! My husband and I are UNL alums and bleed scarlet and cream. I love the people in Nebraska too. I think that's part of the reason most of us love NE football so much; it's the fans who make it what it is."