Nebraska Math & Science Summer Institutes 2021 Title Graphic
MATH 804T - Experimentation, Conjecture & Reasoning
Credit Hours3
Primary AudienceGrade 6-10 Teachers
Secondary AudienceGrade 4-11 Teachers
DescriptionThis course focuses on problem solving, reasoning and proof and communicating mathematics. The overall goal for this course is to bring participants to the next level in the development of their mathematical habits of mind: A person who is an effective mathematical thinker has a toolbox of skills and knowledge to experiment, conjecture, reason, and ultimately solve problems. Sound habits of mind are marked by great flexibility of thinking and the strong belief that precise exposition of solutions is important. Possible topics include the Pythagorean Theorem, golden rectangles, Platonic solids, Fibonacci numbers, the Art Gallery Theorem, Symmetry and Shifts, counting, probability and Bayes Theorem.

Class/Section/Dates Location Instructor Accommodations Paired With
Class #8562
Sec. 596

June 7-11 and June 14-18, 1pm-5pm (Zoom, with breaks)
Web Conferencing (Zoom)TBA