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Earn a Master's Degree and Teaching Certification in 18 Months

In 2011, the Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education officially launched its Master of Arts with an emphasis in mathematics teaching (MAmt) program. Students in this 18-month graduate program earn a Master of Arts and certification to teach mathematics in grades 7-12. The program offers outstanding preparation to teach, including an academic-year internship in an area school and a collegial community of learners focused on becoming a superb mathematics teacher.

The benefits of the MAmt program are:

  • Earn a Master of Arts with certification as a math teacher from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education, in 18 months.
  • Coursework begins in January with graduation in August of the following year.
  • Participate in a nine-month internship in the classroom of an outstanding math teacher. This tightly knit collaboration offers the Teaching Fellow an intensive, sustained field experience in a diverse classroom designed to connect theory and methods to classroom practice under the direct guidance of a master teacher.
  • Mentoring and professional development using evidence-based strategies to ensure the Teaching Fellow becomes a successful mathematics teacher in a high-need school.

The curriculum consists of education courses (Culture and Schooling; Inquiry into Teaching and Learning; Learning and Teaching Principles and Practices in Secondary Mathematics; Accommodating Exceptional Learners in the Secondary School Classroom; Human Development and Learning; Curriculum Principles and Practices in Secondary Mathematics; Curriculum Inquiry; a Masters Seminar; and a Student-Teaching Internship), and four mathematics classes. Since selected STEM majors and professionals will have diverse mathematical backgrounds, the mathematics courses they take will be chosen in close consultation with an adviser. Mathematics and education coursework will be designed to prepare mathematics teachers with strong pedagogical skills, enabling them to teach diverse learners while addressing all certification requirements. For most participants, the math classes would include Algebra for Algebra Teachers, Geometry for High School Teachers and Functions for High School Teachers.

Stories from MAmt Graduates

They love math, and they now know how to teach it! This publication about the Master of Arts with an emphasis in Mathematics Teaching (MAmt) program (formerly 14 months long during Noyce) tells the story of this degree program and the well-prepared teachers who comprise the first two cohorts of graduates from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education (TLTE). NebraskaNOYCE, an NSF grant, has played a key role in supporting the development of the MAmt.

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MAmt Magazine 2013

MAmt Magazine

Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program

The Robert Noyce NSF Teaching Fellowship grant from the National Science Foundation, awarded to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2010, supported 13 talented STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) majors and professionals to become secondary mathematics teachers in high-need Nebraska schools.

Robert Noyce helped found Intel and has been credited with helping invent the integrated circuit, which sparked the personal computer revolution. He cared deeply about ensuring that future generations could meet the high-technological challenges of the 21st century. UNL's Robert Noyce Scholarship grants were part of a campus-wide commitment to excellence in math and science teacher education led by the Colleges of Education and Human Sciences, Arts and Sciences, and Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

In 2011, UNL's Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education officially launched its Master of Arts with an emphasis in mathematics teaching (MAmt) program. While NebraskaNOYCE concluded awarding Noyce fellowships in mathematics in 2012, the MAmt program continues.

In the first cohort of graduate students, six were awarded Noyce Teaching Fellowships, and seven were awarded in the second cohort. The fellowships included:

  • Free tuition and fees for 41 graduate hours that are part of the MAmt graduate program;
  • $20,000 fellowship while a student is in the MAmt program; and
  • $10,000/year supplementary salary stipend for four years while teaching in a high-need district.

MAmt requirements include:

  • Have earned a bachelor's degree by May, as you would start courses in June.
  • Have earned 21 credit hours in mathematics at the calculus level and above by May (with a grade of B or better).
  • Have a strong desire to work with adolescents.

Additional Noyce requirements were:

  • Have earned a bachelor's degree in a STEM (science, technology, engineering or mathematics) field by May 2012.
  • Have not earned teaching certification previously.
  • Agree to teach in a high-need Nebraska school district for at least four of the six years following graduation from the MAmt program.
  • Participants must demonstrate advanced math content knowledge on a nationally recognized assessment by taking the Praxis II Math Content Exams (0061) and (0063).