STEM Education Research Retreat | Posters

Name, DepartmentPoster Title

Heather Bergan-Roller

School of Natural Resources

Simulated computational model activity improves conceptual understanding about biological system

Devarati Bhattacharya

School of Natural Resources

Using Corn as a Model Organism to Foster Elementary Students Understanding of Core Concepts about Plant Life Cycle, Inheritance and Genetic Variation

Kati Brazeal

School of Biological Sciences

Student buy-in toward formative assessments: The influence of student factors and importance for course success

Caitlin Cadaret

Department of Animal Science

Homework 5-days after introduction to material is more beneficial to long-term retention than homework 1-day after

Brian Couch

School of Biological Sciences

GenBio-MAPS: A programmatic assessment to measure students’ understanding of core biology concepts across a general biology curriculum

Jenny Dauer

School of Natural Resources

Indicators of informal and formal decision-making about a socioscientific issue

Mary Durham

School of Biological Sciences

Patterns of Adoption of Scientific Teaching Practices After Participation in the NAS Summer Institutes

Jordan Harshman

Department of Chemistry

A psychometric evaluation of the Approaches to Teaching Inventory: Lessons learned

Jim Houston

Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Sc

Analysis of Effective Science Coaching: What, When, and How

Diane Lally

School of Natural Resources

Fostering Undergraduate Students Disciplinary Learning and Water Literacy

Arefeh Mohammadi

Dean's Office of Engineering

Contextualized STEM Education through Advanced Visualization

Kari Nelson

Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education

How do undergraduate STEM mentors reflect upon their mentoring experiences in an outreach program engaging K-8 youth?

Ashley Peterson

School of Natural Resources

Using Construal Theory to Understand Students Problemization of Two Socio-Scientific Issues

Saeed Rokooei

Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction

Increase of Interests in STEM Using a Construction Management Simulation

Wendy Smith

Center for Science, Mathematics & Computer Education

Student Engagement in Mathematics through an Institutional Network for Active Learning (SEMINAL)

Molly Undersander

Department of Geosciences

Exploring Question Order Effect in Geoscience and Chemistry Concept Inventories

Tina Vo

Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education

A mixed methods comparison of 3rd and 5th grade elementary students’ conceptualizations around modeling the water cycle

Maria Walker

Southeast Research and Extension Center

Sparking STEM Success in Southeast Nebraska Schools

Brian Waters

Department of Agronomy and Horticulture

Collaborative Learning in a Scientific Writing Course

Mary Williams

Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education

Omaha Public Schools Teacher Leader Academy: Phase 1 & Phase 2

asregedew woldesenbet

Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction

Faculty-Learning Community (FLC) for BIM Education in Multidisciplinary School

Tyler Wolken

School of Natural Resources

Using Comics to Educate the General Public on GMOs

Victoria Dihua Xue

Department of Chemistry

Applying the Diffusion of Innovations Model to Characterize STEM Faculty Attending Professional Development Programs