CSMCE Applications

Currently Accepting Applications

Primarily Math: Primarily Math is for outstanding Nebraska elementary teachers (grades K-3) who accept the challenge to return to graduate school to study mathematics and the teaching of mathematics. The program has been proven to be effective in strengthening teachers’ mathematical and pedagogical knowledge, and in increasing students’ mathematical achievement. Primarily Math consists of six graduate courses. Each course is worth 3 graduate credits at UNL and counts toward a master’s degree. Primarily Math teachers earn a K-3 Mathematics Specialist Certificate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln upon completion of the program. Application closes April 1, 2024, for Summer 2024 admission


STEM CONNECT: The STEM Career Opportunities in Nebraska: Networks, Experiential-learning, and Computational Thinking (STEM CONNECT) is an NSF-funded S-STEM (Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) scholarship program forming a partnership among the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), Southeast Community College (SCC), and Western Nebraska Community College (WNCC). Launched in Fall 2019, STEM CONNECT awards scholarships to and provides curricular and co-curricular support to academically talented, low-income students with interest in careers that require strong skills in mathematics or computer science. A major goal of the program is to promote diversity within STEM disciplines. Application is now open for students who plan to attend Southeast Community College or Western Nebraska Community College in the next semester.


Noyce Master Teaching Fellows: Become a UNL NSF Noyce Science Master Teaching Fellow and receive an $11,000 annual salary supplement! Increase student interest and success in science by enhancing your knowledge of equitable and inclusive science teaching and learning. Apply for the third Noyce Master Teacher Fellows cohort, which includes a four-year Educational Specialist Science Education Leadership degree program and long-term professional development for secondary science teachers, funded by the National Science Foundation and offered through UNL.