PRISMATIC Dissemination


We want to disseminate conference findings widely, and plan to target higher education, STEM, and STEM education researchers.

Dissemination Product Product Details
Roadmap of priority research areas from each of the working groups Each working group will create a roadmap to highlight needed research in their area, aligned with PRISMATIC goals.
Executive summary from leadership team The leadership team will create an executive summary based on all phases of PRISMATIC, to highlight the ethical research issues involving LGBTQIA+ individuals in higher education.
Presentation of findings from workshop attendees at conferences or local university meetings. The leadership and organization team members will submit proposals to present at disciplinary conferences and local colloquia in fall 2023/spring 2024 to share findings from PRISMATIC.
Webinar at the end of project to communicate findings The leadership team, together with the organizing committee, will create and offer a series of webinars in fall 2023 to communicate findings from each working group.
Website to house summary, findings, webinar materials, resources The CSMCE will create a PRISMATIC website to permanently house products 1-4 above, as well as other relevant resources and links for STEM, STEM education, and higher education researchers.